Since 1951, John Wenus Law Office, formally Stone and Wenus, has provided its clients with excellent results by devoting their time and expertise towards all legal matters, no matter the size of the case or the name of the client. 


What We Stand For

Our lawyers are welcoming to all clients and experts in listening and problem solving. Our offices were founded on the principals of hard work, proficiency, and most importantly, professionalism. 

What We've Achieved

We are specialists in the handling of residential and commercial real estate transactions, mortgages and financing, drafting Wills and Estate planning. Since we carry on a general practice, we also provide council on corporate and commercial matters, landlord and tenant disputes, and contractual and tortuous litigation at all court levels in Ontario including Small Claims Court.

We take pride in preparing our work thoroughly; we work together with our clients in order to achieve a solution that best suites their needs and always strive to continue to secure superior results for our clients on a consistent basis. Most importantly, we make every possible effort to provide the most advantageous, cost-efficient solution for your claims.